Laser Ranging Sensor (OEM)

Theory: Calculate the time of laser flight to get the distance between two points.

Category:Laser Ranging Sensor

Functionality that can be implemented:

1. Measuring range is wide (0.5 meters to 2000 meters)
2. High measuring frequency (several HZ – 10KHZ)
3. Long measuring life (24 hours continuous measurement, time lasts for several years)
4.It has strong anti-interference ability, and can be used outdoors
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Product photographs

Product parameters

Distance0.5~150mPower consumption<2 W
Accuracy±0.3Manalog output0-5V
range resolution0.1mdigital outputUART output
Measure frequency200HZPower supplyExternal power supply
Laser wavelength905mmOperating temperature-30~+60 ℃
Divergence angle<8 milliradiansBaud115200
LaserClass-1(Human eye safety)Size70*65.9*38mm
Input voltageDC 9-24V

Application scenario Display

It can be used in car anti-collision, sniper, crane, conveying equipment and other scenes

Car collision avoidance



Conveyor equipment